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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has” Margaret Mead

AIIR is WACA’s answer to the challenges that are facing our community.

It was the response to the relentless call for change and action. At its heart the AIIR project would help and assist a community which had, for way too long, been under represented.

The key elements to the AIIR project were designed to:

Resuscitate our community in the way of upskilling, finding jobs and changing careers.
Provide Oxygen to the community to enhance their education, giving them better options
Give respiration to the elderly living amongst us, a valued group of older people who needed support in many ways.
Provide mothers and their very young children the best possible start, whilst living in our community.
Consistently provide a channel to help and advice, to keep the community going, to maintain its momentum in achieving what it wants.

AIIR is a series of services which people can choose from and matches the needs of the community.

It’s our absolute intention to be steadfast in our endeavours to facilitate positive change, encourage social responsibility and to provide the services our residents’ have been campaigning for and want.

Realising the full potential of the community

The future of the Wellingborough community depends on restoring the ethic that people, education and support matter more than things. The effective pursuit of betterment by the members of this community will resume only when they remember that betterment is the result of making the right moral choices, not having the right material possessions.

This liberating doctrine restores to each person the confidence and hope that he or she can, by their own actions and beginning right now, take effective steps toward a meaningful and rewarding life. They need not wait for bureaucratic assistance or financial success.

But having support is VITAL! When such confidence spreads in a community, miracles of the human spirit soon become common place, and the community can raise itself back to health in ways that look like levitation to those with only eyes for the material factors of life.

Particularly in the black community, but in every other community as well, such a renewed confidence in the possibility of the truly good life is sustain and communicated above all by centres like WACA, faith and family. The collapse of hope, results when people are cut off from centre which are designed and set up to assist a community.

The affluence of some areas of Northamptonshire has been generated by people who HAVE had access to such centres and the way forward to realising the potential in our community is to foster such centres and attract people in.

AIIR provides all areas from the very young to the very old opportunities to better themselves and their circumstances.

Only when services like AIIR are available throughout the county, can we truly say that we as residents of Northamptonshire are moving positively, toward a fairer, healthier and better educated community.

AIIR Commitment

WACA believes this commitment will help us to deliver our vision to the people of Wellingborough and deliver exceptional services and as a result, help build a cohesive and prosperous community. We believe, our senior leadership team, will continue to make a personal and affirmative pledge to the success of “creating uplifting and educational experiences” with the AIIR programme guiding us.

As a demonstration of our commitment as a community leader, we pledge to:

Focus on the five pieces of success – service, quality, people, growth and integration.

To lead away our youth from crime and antisocial behaviour.

Embrace the “must haves” (rounding, thank you notes,
follow-up services, leadership evaluation, and employee
selection and coaching) as an integral part of our culture.

Sustain our top-level commitment by holding ourselves and other accountable for achieving goals.

Develop great community champions and leaders by providing ongoing coaching and mentoring, as well as providing
leadership development material on a regular basis.

Educate our youth about themselves, others and their social responsibilities.

Communicate effectively with all levels of the centre.

Lead by positive example and role model desired behaviours.

Recognise good performers, publicly.

Celebrate successes no matter how small or large.

Support the wiser and sometimes forgotten members of our community the elderly, through AIIR’s Respire arm.

Allocate the resources necessary to succeed.

Allow our young people to make positive contributions to the

Our committed goal is to create a culture that is ultimately focused on service and operational excellence.

We pledge to create a great place to receive care, a great place to learn and a great place to socialise and encounter different positive experiences.

Serving the community

WACA is dedicated to serving the community… and it shows its dedication by the way our AIIR services are provided and the volunteers who help in the delivery of all of the AIIR promise.

What an organisation can conceive and believe… it can achieve!

The AIIR menu of services is a direct result of what the community wanted and needed… we totally believe that WACA can make… and is making a difference… and day by day we are achieving our goals.



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