What is this about? It's a recruitment program designed to bring local people of all backgrounds together in one acchord, to bring about a sense of real unity, though a spirit of integration not segregation.

There is a really good reason to get involved by volunteering to be a part of WACA this year. Times are changing rapidly, it is our moment and our time to achieve all that we have dreamed of both for ourselves and our families.

Its simply time we started seeing it, talking it, believing it and seeing it in our communities. West Indians have been here in the United Kingdom for generations now and its about time we started to reflect that in general society. Blacks in the USA have long understood this, banded together through civil unrest, segregation and general mistreatment, brothers and sitster started bonding with a common unity (Community) that became difficult to break. The chains that once held them in slavery became the chains that now bind themm together as one. An African American community that has achieved some significant victories in their campaigns for equal rights throughout the land. 2009 saw the ultimate homage to this fact when President Barack Obama took his place as the first person of misxed ethnic heritage to be elected President.

We want to see a truly United Kingdom, where every ethnic group is respected as the human beings which they are. A land where every member of every ethnic group can be proud to join in and sing the national anthem because it is truly reflective of the land they live inb and love... Impossible? We dont think so, because CHANGE is coming to the world, to our nation and even to our local lives.

The stage is now set, the gauntlet has been raised, the challenge has been sounded, Integration should be the key performance indicator for every African Carribean organisation in the land. WACA will be leading the way throughout 2010 to spearhead programs that will drive the implimentation and development of strong cultural Integration programs, such as:

Integration of our children into proper education
Integration of our youth into proud citizens of the UK, helping to create programs that will set new standards of aspiration.
Integration with other succesful programs worldwide that have achieved the right balance of Integation as opposed to segregation.
Integration into further education programs
Better integation with all law enforcement and legal systems in the UK
Integration with Radio, and Television Media
integration with the printed press.
Integration with the local government
Integration with local schools and colleges
Integaration with local religious organisations.

If you have any suggestions, or feel led to join WACA on a voluntary basis, please send an email to us today, we need as many as possible to join the WACA army of change so do it today...

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