WACA Business Community

WACA Business Community
Community isn’t just a term that refers to a collection of people trying to be friendly with one another. This is an extremely powerful term, which, broken down means common-unity.

As business members we all share similar pains, those pains may help to steer us towards a more common unity, as did the pains which many ethnic societies faced in places like the United States, Africa and the West Indies in times past. For instance: I am sure that the credit crunch has affected one and all of us in some way. Human beings instinctively, have a propensity to garrison ourselves in times like these rather than reach out to a neighbour for a helping hand. Some facets of our society in the UK are extremely good at supporting community business whist others struggle with the concept. Here at WACA, we hope to put and end to the latter within our own community.

The WACA Business Community Drive is designed to bring the business community together, with a common goal, of making each other a complete success. Supporting each other as much as we can whilst generating good quality leads from within the associate membership and their contacts.

WACA are offering three levels of Business Membership.

Bronze Membership:
Your business will be listed on the WACA website as lineage (wording) only available to Associate Members at a cost of £25.00 per annum.

Silver Membership
Every paid up Silver Business Associate will receive a listing in WACA Business pages and a randomly selected advert throughout the WACA website, in the ad zone. Every time a page is loaded, an advert will load simultaneously. The cost of the Silver Package is £100.00 per annum, this would be suitable for a business which has a website of its own already, which will be linked to their ad zone advert.

Gold Membership
will receive all of the above but in addition to that, a single page listing on the WACA Website see an example here: www.wacacentre.com/inspiredmarketing.html or we will link the site to your own domain for an extra £25 per year.

The idea here is that we build a strong database of local business providers offering relevant services to our members and their respective friends and families. So if you want you business to grow, join WACA today.

For more information: Fill out the Business Membership form with your company details and some-one will get back to you within 48 hours.


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