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Why should anyone want to become an associate member of WACA?

There has never been a more important time to become a member of an organisation like WACA. Organisations such as these were born at such a time in our history that demanded their existence. Now with every day that passes, we become more and more complacent about the need for a community based organisation such as the Wellingborough African Caribbean Association.

Its more that just a social club. WACA is a fellowship of like minded indiviuals, proud of the race that they each hail from, whilst eagerly wishing to share and integrate what each has with other like minded individuals.

WACA members enjoy so many wonderful activities together everything from social events, drama presentations, concerts , sports and social activities, community ventures Club Diana Membership etc etc etc.

So come on, what are you waiting for, become a friend of WACA today.

Joining is so easy, just fill out the form here

Clyde Leslie


News in brief

    WACA�s fully furnished IT Suite is ready and waiting for you! Find out how you can book.
    Read about WACA's new service initiatives which are revolutionising. . .
    Your very own LOCAL community TV station is on the way.....


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