The AIIR Projects

AIIR is WACA’s answer to the challenges facing our community, it is a series of services which people can choose from and matches the needs of the community.

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Published .pdf files of most of our activities are available here. Just click on the link below to view and print more information.


WACA Centre

WACA is dedicated to serving the community… and it shows its dedication by the way our AIIR services are provided and the volunteers who help in the delivery of all of the AIIR promise.

What an organisation can conceive and believe… it can achieve!


Services at the Centre include

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Other services include

Saturday School
For some of the youngest members of our community the Saturday Supplementary School is proving to be the foundational bedrock of our children.

We have a committed team who… every Saturday give up their time to ensure that our children are getting the best start possible.



WACA’s Elderly Day Care (EDC) has been providing care for older members of our community, who need supervised care on a short-term basis for three decades.

Our Mission
The mission of the Elderly Day Care Centre is to provide safe, affordable and high quality day care for the elderly in our community. In doing so, we support families in their efforts to provide a quality of life that their loved ones deserve in their later years.

To provide a home like environment where the elderly are encouraged to socialise and to partake in activities which will make them feel youthful.

EDC’S staff and volunteers are committed to the families and clients we serve, by providing support and encouragement where ever possible.



“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”
Franklin D. Roosevelt

The youth of WACA have always been creative and innovative. The initiatives they have come up with have been (to say the least) astonishing.




All of our services are designed to bring children, youth, adults and the elderly together. To provide them with the services, that all together makes a difference.


News in brief

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